What is the importance of a time lapse camera on construction sites?

Time lapse monitoring of work is of great value to civil construction. Due to lack of time, professionals in the sector do not always follow everything that happens in the work. But, this attitude can generate many costs and expenses later on. So, discover in this article, the importance of a time lapse camera on construction sites.

What is a time lapse camera?

The time lapse camera is an increasingly sought after resource in the construction industry. It is widely used, mainly because it monitors long-term works, such as buildings, condominiums, factories, for example. But what is a time lapse camera in reality? Continue reading the article and you will see my response here. Therefore, the time lapse camera is a cinematographic technique that condenses a certain content through the capture of images. Thus, the result of this content displays several photo frames that give the impression of a short video. This video in turn, even if it was recorded in a few minutes, is able to show the evolution of a work that lasted months or even years.

The time lapse camera allows for more assertive planning

Planning is an essential step for any company, as it provides more security and reduces the risks for the task that will be performed. That is, for the execution of a job, it is essential to establish a plan. With the time lapse camera, it is possible to make a forecast of what it will be necessary to spend on materials and labor. Therefore, it is much easier to predict how much money will be invested, as well as what should be purchased and how long the work will take. Another important point to mention is that the engineer or person in charge of the work will have many more parameters to compare when analyzing the progress of the work.