The Bossa-Nova rhythm : what do you know about its advantages and uses?

The musical world has seen the birth of many rhythms, including Bossa Nova. This rhythm is a type of jazz music originating in Brazil and was created in the early 1960s. What do you need to know about the reasons for the popularity of this famous rhythm and its uses? This article will outline the essentials you need to know about Bossa-Nova.

History of Bossa-Nova

Bossa-Nova is Brazilian in origin and was created in the early 1960s by Brazilian musicians Antônio Carlos and Luiz Bonfá, you can have a peek here to learn more about this type of music. Members of the musical group Garotos da Luta also contributed to the genesis of this famous rhythm. It has become popular since its inception and was originally called Brazilian Jazz as it has similarities to American Jazz.

Why is the Bossa-Nova rhythm more popular in Brazil?

Bossa Nova is more popular in Brazil than anywhere else. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, the popularity of Bossa-Nova in Brazil is justified by the strong influence that the Samba rhythm has on it. On the other hand, we have the cultural difference. It would often be difficult for people with no Brazilian cultural background to appreciate the Bossa-Nova rhythm. For example, American Jazz is much more improvised than the Brazilian Bossa-Nova rhythm.

Some examples of the use of Bossa-Nova 

The Bossa Nova rhythm has been used in thousands of large events around the world since its creation. One of its first uses was by the artist Stan Getz. He composed and released an album called Jazz Samba that went around the world. This album, on which the Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto sang "The girl of Ipanema", introduced the American people to a new style that they were not used to. 

Another use of this rhythm dates back to the 2001 film "A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick, which was shown around the world. Most recently, Bossa-Nova is used on television specifically in the show "Stranger Things". During season 1 of the show, one person hosted the Bossa-Nova rhythm and other people danced to it.

Bossa-Nova is a rhythm of Brazilian origin created in the early 1960s and already used in many large animations. It is more popular in Brazil than anywhere else.