Need a driver or a luxury car?

Are you looking for a luxury car to rent or buy? Travel Limousines has what you need. It is one of the major luxury car rental agencies on the French Riviera. Find in this extract the characteristics of the various types of Mercedes which Travel Limousines has.

Mercedes E class

Travel Limousines offers a wide range of Mercedes. Click to enjoy a luxury car transport. You can't miss what would perfectly suit your needs. The E-class Mercedes is discreet. It is suitable for business class transportation. It is even the best selling Mercedes because of its reliability and quality. Travel Limousines makes every effort to have the new models available within 6 months of their release. 

Mercedes V class

This Mercedes is the successor of the Mercedes Viano. The latter was one of the first luxury buses. The Mercedes V class allows you to transport 3 people. Its maximum capacity is 7 passengers. Travel Limousines often puts this vehicle at the disposal of businessmen and artists. This Mercedes has a large and luxurious interior. It is also very suitable for long trips. Moreover, it comes with a professional driver.

Mercedes S class

The Mercedes S class combines both luxury and modesty. In fact, the MayBach S class is a real wonder. It is even more spacious. Its interior is 20cm longer than the ordinary Mercedes. It has a double slat grille and a side window at the back. Moreover, it is similar to a private jet. It has a comfortable seat and is perfect for a massage.