Learn to play the handpan the easy way

How to learn to play the handpan ? This is the question that many people who love the art of music ask themselves. First of all, what you have to keep in mind is that the handpan is quite easy to play. Only when it is not learned can it become a headache. However, you can avoid this by reading these few lines.

The light hand tactic

It is played with the hands and fingers. Even a soft, short key of a tone field lets the beautiful sound of the instrument resonate. Hitting it harder does not produce a louder sound, but rather distorts it. You don't have to try hard enough to get the beautiful sound out. Most importantly, with a quality instrument, it becomes a breeze. Explore these handpan for sale to choose a good instrument to continue with the other playing strategies.

Specific hand parts for playing the handpan

The percussive sounds are also generated with the fingers and we said that. But also the heels of the hands, the fists make the instrument speak well too. The bones of the fingers by touching the areas between the sound fields undoubtedly produce the desired effect. But before you start manipulating the handpan in various ways, be sure that you have mastered it with your fingers at first. Because any other rush could be time consuming unfortunately.

The ideal handpan positions

When reading, the handpan is on an appropriate stand. However, not everyone can feel well positioned with the stand. That's why putting the instrument on the lap is also a perfect alternative. This way, both hands can reach all areas of the handpan in an optimal way. On the other hand, in a rarer way of playing, the handpan is held upright (vertically) between the thighs. The stronger hand plays the top and the weaker hand the bottom of the handpan. This is completely subjective. The main thing is to adapt the instrument to your gestures in order to create the right sound for your ears.