All you need to know about PC battery life

The question of battery performance is central to the purchase of a laptop. Depending on how you want to use your PC, you will have different requirements regarding battery life. Find in this article the average performance observed on computers.

Average PC battery life

Currently, the batteries available on the market guarantee between 2 and 9h of autonomy. It is therefore difficult to give a figure for the average battery life. There are several criteria to consider when buying your laptop. You can click here if you are looking for a battery laptop touchsmart

First of all, clearly define your needs: will you be able to plug in your PC often without difficulty or are you often on the move and need maximum autonomy? This being the case, you should know that the autonomy will rarely exceed 9 hours, provided that the battery is new. Then, you should know that the autonomy of your PC will inevitably decrease with time. And against this, no miracle solution.

The breakdown of your computer's energy consumption

The different components of your laptop strain the battery in different ways: The screen is the most power-hungry and takes up 43% of the energy consumption. Hence the interest in optimizing the display of his computer in particular by lowering the brightness, the chipset solicits 21% of the battery energy and the rest is divided between the processor (9%), the graphics card (8%), the hard disk (5%) and the network (4%)

The average life of a PC battery

As a general rule, a battery is capable of sustaining 3,000 charge cycles or between 2 and 3 years. At the end of this period, the battery will not be completely unusable but will struggle to hold a charge for more than an hour. Please note that these figures vary greatly depending on how you use your PC. These indications concerning the autonomy and the average life of a PC battery will be good indicators to guide you when buying a PC or when replacing a battery at the end of its life.